Anticholinergics are used to dry up secretions in the lungs. 

How To Use Spiriva HandiHaler

1. Pull open the dust cap and mouthpiece of the HandiHaler.

2. Remove one Spiriva capsule from its package immediately before use.  Separate the blister strip.  Peel back the foil to the STOP line.  If any other capsules are exposed to air by mistake, throw them out.  Do not save exposed capsules for later use.

3. Place the capsule in the center chamber.

4. Close mouthpiece firmly until you hear a click.

5. Keep the mouthpiece pointing up.  Press the Green button once.  This pierces the capsule and releases the medicine.

6. Breathe all the way out before placing your mouth on mouthpiece.

7. Keep your head upright.  Close your lips tightly around the mouthpiece.  Breathe in slowly and deeply, but strongly enough to make the capsule inside the HandiHaler vibrate.  You will hear the vibrations.

8. Hold your breath for 10 seconds if possible.

9. Exhale and breathe normally again.

10.  Repeat steps 6 thru 9 to be sure you get the full dose.

11.  Open the mouthpiece. Tip the HandiHaler so the used capsule falls out and into the garbage.

12.  Close the HandiHaler. Store it with your Spiriva capsules.